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Majid Golchini,RMT

Majid graduated in Radiology from Beheshti University in 1994. His passion to learn about the Human Anatomy lead him to one of the top ranked Massage Therapy Colleges in Toronto (Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy). Majid successfully completed his clinical rotations at the College with a long list of extremely satisfied clienteles at the college clinic. Majid’s dedication to his patients made him one of the top and most reputable Massage Therapists at the collage clinic. His area of expertise in Massage Therapy treatment include; nerve impingement  disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Whiplash as a result of MVA, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Play, Deep Fascia and Tension Headaches.

Majid has also successfully completed “Contemporary Medical Acupuncture” program from McMaster University. Majid's vast knowledge in Human Anatomy, Orthopedic Assessment and Palpation enable him to successfully identify his client’s injuries to recommend a safe and effective treatment plan.

Majid is currently an active member of CMTO, RMTAO and CCAA in Ontario, Canada.

Below is Majid's contact information;

Tel: 416) 625-6199

Below are examples of treatment sessions  performed  by Majid. Please  press play to view the clips.



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